“Waking Hospital Patients to Check Vital Signs May Do More Harm Than Good”

22 May

“If left alone and allowed to sleep, these patients likely will heal faster and have a better attitude during their hospital stay,”

Read about it here.


21 May

I am attending the annual meeting of The Association for Psychological Science meeting in New York. I will try to keep up, but postings may be light.

Learning advice from James Altucher

21 May

“What you do every day matters much more than what you do once in awhile.

I had a friend who wanted to get better at painting. But she thought she had to be in Paris, with all the conditions right.

She never made it to Paris. Now she sits in a cubicle under fluorescent lights, filling out paperwork all day.

Write every day, network every day, play every day, live healthy every day.

Measure your life in the number of times you do things. When you die: are you 2 writing sessions old? Or are you 50,0000?

Read the rest on this BoingBoing post.

The origin of genius

20 May

Leonard Mlodinow explains that great discoveries are the consequence of hard work and offers this sage advice:

“Even if we are not scientists, every day we are challenged to make judgments and decisions about technical matters like vaccinations, financial investments, diet supplements and, of course, global warming. If our discourse on such topics is to be intelligent and productive, we need to dip below the surface and grapple with the complex underlying issues. The myths can seduce one into believing there is an easier path, one that doesn’t require such hard work.”

Mlodinow is an interesting guy, here is his Wikipedia page.


Philadelphia train crash and retrograde amnesia

19 May

Is it plausible that the engineer of the AMTRAK that derailed in Philadelphia last week cannot remember the incident?

Yes, this is classic retrograde amnesia, where an individual cannot recall events that occurred within the half hour before a traumatic event. Information in working memory requires time to consolidate into long term memory and traumatic events can disrupt that process.

Tips for learning a new alphabet

18 May

I am learning Japanese and Sanskrit, both involve learning new alphabets. Here are some suggestions from Time Magazine.

I found the Dr. Moku app very helpful for learning Hiragana and Katakana.

Exercising the mind is as important as exercising the body, new research indicates.

17 May Featured Image -- 3985


I am really enjoying the “Is It Healthful?” blog.

Originally posted on Is it healthful?:

A recent study has found mindfulness based cognitive therapy to be as effective as anti-depressant medication. That’s right, as effective! You can check out a simple summary of the article here: Mindfulness ‘as good as medication’ for chronic depression › News in Science (ABC Science).

The finding becomes even more important, if we consider another recent article, which has found depression to be linked with an increased risk of stroke and comes on the back of data suggesting a link between depression and other chronic diseases.


While this isn’t one of Is It Healthful’s? typical reviews, this data indicates the importance of psychological wellbeing for optimal physical health. It really indicates why exercising our mind utilising techniques such as mindfulness is as important as exercising our body.  Get meditating!

I hope this has been healthful. 

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