Note taking improves memory

6 Jul

Most of us stop taking notes when we leave school. It rarely occurs to most of us that we might profit from note taking even if there is no exam hanging over our heads. I know this because here at Chautauqua, where lectures are common, I am one of the few people who takes notes and people do not hesitate to express their surprise. On one occasion, the lecturer even asked why I was taking notes.

note book

I take notes because it helps with memory. It helps in both the obvious sense of recording information I may want later. For, example at yesterday’s lecture Chris Hayes praised the book  The Starfish and the Spider  and today I ordered a copy from Amazon.

But notes help memory in a less obvious fashion. The act of taking notes by itself helps us to remember material. Note taking helps us pay attention and it promotes encoding into long term memory.

note book pen


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  1. The Fisher Space Pen | peakmemory - August 3, 2013

    […] I have written about how, just the act of, note taking helps improve memory, even if you never review your notes. Thus, I always try to carry a couple of pens with me. One of the pens I carry is the Fisher Space Pen. […]

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