The Fisher Space Pen

3 Aug

I have written about how, just the act of, note taking helps improve memory, even if you never review your notes. Thus, I always try to carry a couple of pens with me. One of the pens I carry is the Fisher Space Pen.

space pen

The FSP was invented by Paul C. Fisher and was actually used by Apollo astronauts. I can testify that the pens can be used without problem while flying and will not leak. The biggest advantage for me, however, is that fact that the pen can travel though the laundry without damage or loss of function.

space pen2

The pen once starred on Seinfeld:

One Response to “The Fisher Space Pen”

  1. jake August 24, 2013 at 9:42 pm #

    I merely extra up your RSS feed in order to my Bing News Readers.

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