How spaced repetition teaching works

7 Nov

Yesterday, I blogged about a study that compared spaced repetition teaching to standard instruction. Here is a pdf that describes, in detail, the teaching methods used in the study.

Here is brief overview from that document:

“A Spaced Learning session consists of three ‘inputs’ divided by 10-minute breaks, which students spend doing a simple activity such as dribbling a basketball or playing with modelling clay.

The first input is a lecture in which the teacher presents a large body of information, usually supported by a PowerPoint presentation. The second input focuses on recall, so students might be presented with the same PowerPoint presentation,now missing many key words, or they might carry out simple maths problems using the formulae presented in the first input. The final input focuses on understanding, so students should carry out a task that applies the knowledge or skills they have
just acquired.

This process of rapid structured repetition, separated by short breaks, embeds the information in the long- term memory.”

The pdf included links to videos of a spaced repetition instruction. After watching, I wondered if the instruction could be made even more effective by the use of guided notes.

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