Reptile intelligence

20 Nov

In the past, I have criticized the triune brain hypothesis, which posits that we have a reptilian brain in a state of permanent war with our mammalian brain. For me, it is the similarity between vertebrate brains that is striking, not their differences.

Another problem with the triune brain argument is that underestimates the cognitive capacities of reptiles. A nice article in The New York Times, describes the intelligence of reptiles. Make sure you watch the video.

From the article:

‘The field of reptile cognition is in its infancy, but it already suggests that “intelligence” may be more widely distributed through the animal kingdom than had been imagined. As Dr. Burghardt put it, “People are starting to take some of the tests that were developed for the ‘smart’ animals and adapting them to use with other species, and finding that the ‘smart’ animals may not be so special.”’

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