Who was Mirin Dajo?

2 Dec

Most extraordinary claims disappoint on closer inspection. The late Sylvia Brown did not really have psychic powers and, after over a century of trying, parapsychology has not produced a single convincing repeatable experiment.

Yet, there is a region of events that are not paranormal but fall at the extreme edge of the plausible. It is here that we find the case of the Dutch fakir, Mirin Dajo.

Dajo was able pass swords through his trunk without apparent injury. Here is a Pathe newsreel of one of his demonstrations:


Here is a paper by W. Peter Mulacz with an explanation of how Mirin Dajo accomplished his feats.

Unfortunately, there is a limited amount of information on Dajo available in English. I would like to more a know bout Dajo. I think his story is interesting psychologically and physiologically.

But beyond that, I would like to know more about Dajo’s beliefs and motivations. He apparently thought his performances would contribute to world peace and he was an advocate of Esperanto.

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