My First Dream In Chinese! Too Bad I Can’t Remember It…

5 Mar

The always interesting Language Boat has a post about dreaming in a new language.

Language Boat

Exciting progress! Last night I dreamt in Chinese for the first time (that I am aware of!) I don’t really remember the details of the dream, what I was saying or what was being said. But I clearly felt that I was processing everything in Chinese. My impression of the dream is that I was interacting and communicating with people. I wish I had something more explicit to say about it. But the dream seemed to evaporate as I was waking. Funny how dreams do that sometimes.

The sensation I had after waking was that my brain has been working hard while I sleep to grow new neural networks and integrate the day’s learning and language input into my framework of “Chinese.”

For a long, long time, all that input had nowhere to go… It was like pouring water onto concrete, nothing was able to seep in. But that has…

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