Studying the Yoga Sutras, 5 lines at a time

22 Mar

I like to highlight adults taking on demanding learning projects, in this case, memorize Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras in Sanskrit. His plan of breaking the task down into manageable segments is very sensible, in case learning 5 lines per week.

Home Yoga Practice


One of my mentoring teachers said a curious thing while I was training for my Intro II certification. She said that one of the best things she had ever done in her life was to memorize the Patanjali Yoga Sutras in Sanskrit. My teacher has accomplished much in her life, including opening and maintaining a successful studio for over ten years. So I took her words to heart and started my path committing these to memory in Sanskrit. I am forging on to  learning the Sutras five lines per week.

I am finding there are delightful resources and tools for accomplishing this goal both on the internet and through texts. Many years ago, I bought RIMYI published cassettes of the Yoga Sutras from my mentoring teachers. When you confront the Sutras in their original language, you quickly realize how brilliant Patajanli was to lay these deep statements down in what…

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