Foreign Language Practice – Higher necessity means higher understanding and retention

14 Apr

Some interesting ideas on language practice.

Self Taught Japanese

The effectiveness of foreign language practice depends on part on how pressing of a need there is to communicate and understand correctly.

When speaking with a native or fluent speaker of that language, there are all sorts of emotions that get engaged and one usually tries his or her hardest to comprehend and speak in a way that can be easily understood. Making mistakes can be embarrassing, or even lead to more serious repercussions depending on the context of the conversation.

For those who don’t have much contact with native speakers, you do may do like I do and try to consume all different sorts of content – novels, comic books, newspapers, videos, blogs, you name it. All of these can be excellent learning resources, but there typically is no strong motivation to understand each and every word, and any misunderstandings may go undiscovered, especially if the subject is fiction and…

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