Negative side effects from meditation?

15 May

A couple of days ago I blogged about Willoughby Britton’s research on meditation. Here is an interview where she talks about some of the possible negative side effects of mediation. Note that this is not an argument against meditation, but an effort to realistically evaluate both the benefits and the possible risks.

A few of the comments, posted on Vimeo, are hostile to Britton’s work. For example,

“Is this ‘scientific’ work trying to make people feel afraid of meditating and evolving their consciousness?”

I think this kind of reaction is unfortunate. Science is not about re-affirming preconceptions, it is about taking evidence seriously and entertaining hard questions. I meditate everyday and I value the work of scientists like Britton who try to ground practice in rigorous science.


The Dark Side of Meditation from Centre of Gravity on Vimeo.

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