Just How Meaningful Are Those Value-Added Ratings?

20 May

More evidence against valued added measures of teaching

Diane Ravitch's blog

The studies of value-added measurement keep on coming, and the findings usually show what an utterly absurd idea it to think that teacher quality can be judged by student test scores. In a just world, Arne Duncan would be held accountable for the stupid and harmful theories he has imposed on the nation’s public schools. The U.S. Department of Education has become a malignant force in American education. I cannot think of any time in our nation’s history when public schools and teachers were literally endangered by the mandates coming from Washington, D.C., where the leadership is wholly ignorant of federalism.

This story in Education Week summarizes the latest batch of studies of VAM. some researchers, having made this their area of specialization, continue to prod in hopes of good news.

But look at this:

“In a study that appears in the current issue of the American Educational Research Journal…

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