Multiple Languages Getting Jumbled Up?

4 Jun

Thus post reminds me of a Spanish teacher I knew who was a native English Speaker, but move to Europe as a child and became fluent in both Spanish and French. She has no problem translating between English and Spanish, and English and French. But she found it impossible to translate between French and Spanish.

Language Boat

imagesA student before class today asked me to orally translate a paragraph in her English text book into Spanish. I think she was curious to hear a language that is seldom spoken here in Taiwan. Although I am by no means a translator or interpreter, I am usually quite capable when it comes to basic and on the fly translations between English and Spanish.

However today I experienced a strange and new situation, which has me feeling both happy and concerned at the same time.

Happy because all this Italian and Chinese study has been paying off. As I was reading and simultaneously searching for the Spanish translation in my mind, Chinese translations kept popping up. Not only was I thinking in Chinese, but Italian was coming out of my mouth instead of Spanish! This tells me that my brain is active in both of these languages, which is great news…

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