Reading and its future

14 Jun

In The New York Review of books, Tim Parks writes about how our new techno-cultural environment makes it more difficult to read:


“What I’m talking about is the state of constant distraction we live in and how that affects the very special energies required for tackling a substantial work of fiction—for immersing oneself in it and then coming back and back to it on numerous occasions over what could be days, weeks, or months, each time picking up the threads of the story or stories, the patterning of internal reference, the positioning of the work within the context of other novels and indeed the larger world.”

Parks shares this anecdote:

Only yesterday a smart young Ph.D. student told me his supreme goal was to keep himself from checking his email more than once an hour, though he doubted he would achieve such iron discipline in the near future.

To the rescue is Aman at The Confession of a Readaholic Blog with Five Habits of an Efficient Reader.


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  1. Aman(@amanhimself) June 14, 2014 at 2:00 pm #

    Thanks 🙂

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