Fish’s intelligence and feelings of pain, new research

21 Jun

“Researcher finds that fish are intelligent and feel pain like humans”

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 2010 video from the USA is called Dr. Jonathan Balcombe on Individuality in Fish.

From Wildlife Extra:

Researcher finds that fish are intelligent and feel pain like humans

New research suggests that fish are, in fact, far more intelligent than many previously believed.

They have very good memories, live in complex social communities where they keep track of individuals, and can learn from one another. This helps to develop stable cultural traditions.

Fish even recognise themselves and others. They also cooperate with one another and show signs of Machiavellian intelligence, such as cooperation and reconciliation. They build complex structures, are capable of using tools, and use the same methods for keeping track of quantities as humans do.

These findings, published by Culum Brown of Macquarie University in Australia in the journal Animal Cognition, argue that more consideration should be given to fish welfare and anti-cruelty…

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