Wish List: Languages I Would Like To Learn

21 Jul

My list is much shorter, but I think it is admirable to have ambitious learning goals.

Language Boat

listWhile there is no language I don’t want to learn, these are the ones that have piqued my interest at some point and therefore remain on my wish list. The reasons vary and some are a little silly. but I’ll share them with you anyway.

These are in addition to the languages I’m actively learning, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, and Tagalog, In no particular order:

  • Nahuatl- I became interested in Nahuatl when I lived in Mexico. Many names of places are Nahuatl, and I love the sounds and the feel of the words in my mouth. Also I’m deeply moved by Mexican history and ancient cultures, and I feel a strong resonance with it. Language is always a key to access deeper knowledge and understanding of culture, history and thinking.
  • Vietnamese- A language that has been on my list for a long, long time. I had Vietnamese coworkers and I tried…

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