Surprise Discovery About Learning Chinese Characters

29 Jul

An insight about learning Chinese characters

Language Boat

securedownload (1)Awhile back I wrote about this trick I use to learn Chinese characters. I tend to cycle through different language learning methods, to mix it up and keep things from getting too boring. Recently I began using this trick again and I’ve noticed an increase in the number of characters I can now recognize. But this is not a “formal” learning method. It’s just one that I created out of my own instinctual seeking.

At first blush this may seem unrelated but, on another note, I have also been teaching a six year old Taiwanese girl reading and spelling in English and as a result, I have made an unexpected discovery about the way children learn to read English. While browsing the internet for downloadable English reading and spelling worksheets (that are meant for native speakers) something interesting emerged.

English words are often not phonetic, and are called “sight words.”…

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