Associative Memory- the basic principle

18 Aug

“The brain simply loves linking things together”

the Grand Chaos Machine

The brain simply loves linking things together, and rightly so, because doing this is one of the main ways we take in information. The complex knowledge we possess is the byproduct of large numbers of associations within the brain. This remarkable ability to form, learn, and remember the relationships between previously unrelated or unknown items is called associative memory.

Although visual memory is perhaps more well known, we heavily rely on associative memory in our daily lives and in higher functioning reasoning. Every day we link faces to names and words to meaning. We are constantly filing information by what it’s related to, and linking new stimuli to our previous experience. And above all, we remember these connections. Thinking of one thing can jog your memory, and remind you of some other thing associated with it that you may not have been able to fully access before.

Human memory is fundamentally associative. You can…

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