Weight lifting improves memory

4 Oct


the study was published in Acta Psychologica, the paper can be found here. Here are the study highlights:

“• We investigate the effects of resistance exercise on emotional episodic memory.
• We measure physiological state with heart rate, blood pressure, and alpha amylase.
• We use a knee extension/flexion task for resistance exercise.
• We find that resistance exercise during consolidation can benefit memory.
•We find effects of valence based on the physiological response to the exercise.”

From the discussion section:

“There are many potential therapeutic benefits of resistance exercise, both physical and cognitive, like the episodic memory benefit we have shown here. Unlike moderate long-term aerobic exercise, single bouts of resistance exercise are easy for a wide range of people with variable levels of physical ability to perform. We are not suggesting that single bouts of resistance exercise can replace the obvious health and cognitive benefits incurred from long-term aerobic interventions. Indeed, future research should examine the potential benefits of long-term resistance exercise interventions on the kinds of memory tasks used in the present study in order to determine the duration of these benefits and whether they may even delay cognitive decline in older adults and neurological patients.”


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