A tame hummingbird

24 Oct

“a man and his semi-tame hummingbird.”

Why Evolution Is True

This is a touching YouTube video showing a man and his semi-tame hummingbird. The YouTube notes give this information:

João Silvestrini lives in barretos, Brazil. Has two hummingbird mother and child visiting your home. This video is 01/10/2014. João on message reports that this is the puppy, and makes one months that Mom hummingbird presented the child to Mr. João

Although we can’t see the bird very well, perhaps one of our readers with tropical experience can identify it.

A translation of what João says from the YouTube comments:

Hey, hey.
Come here.
Let’s film you here.
Here here.
Let’s talk here real close, look.
You seeing (it)?
There, look.
And, eh, come here, here now.
Come drink a little bit, eh?
Like that, look here, come here.
Come here, there (closer to ‘like that’), there. Look.
Let’s go to the camera again?
There, look!
Look there!
It’s filming, it’s…

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