Texas Tech students parade their knowledge

5 Nov

I am of two minds about this post. On the one hand, interviews of this type are edited to show the most egregious cases, it gives us no sense of the magnitude of the problem. In at least one case, I believe the person did know the answer but was experiencing a tip of the tongue state, something that happens to all of us.
On the other hand, it is appalling that any college student would not know the answers to the first three questions.
See this study for some perspective:

Why Evolution Is True

Here a group of Texas Tech students (a decent school in Lubbock, Texas, birthplace of Buddy Holly) are asked five sets of questions:

1. Who won the Civil War?
2. Who is the Vice-President of the United States?
3. Who did we (the U.S.) gain our independence from? And in what year?
4. What (television) show is Snooki on?
5. Who is Brad Pitt married to? And who was he married to before that?

They got two of these groups of questions uniformly right and largely tanked on the rest. Guess which ones.  See the video below:

Now, instead of feeling superior, let’s wonder at an educational system in which students can’t answer the easiest questions about history and politics but know a lot about celebrities.

h/t: Merilee

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