Bucci (2014): Dreams of a Bayesian brain – MSc

11 Nov

“through Predictive Processing, we can better understand dreaming as continuous with other mental phenomena.”

Dream & Nightmare Lab

PDF: Bucci_MSc_2014_Ds-Bayesian-philos

Dreams of a Bayesian brain. A predictive processing account of dreaming
Alessio Bucci
Friday 2nd May, 2014
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Philosophy

Dreaming is an important aspect of our mental life which has been widely studied by
psychologists and cognitive scientists over the past decades, and it has recently gained popularity in philosophy of mind as well. As a topic of study, it has the potential of providing a good insight on how our mind works in a different condition from regular waking life. Furthermore, it’s a phenomenon that happens on a daily basis to everyone and, therefore, it does not constitute an exceptional contrasting case (like brain lesions or psychopathologies). However, the rich variety of theories about the origin, evolution and functional role of dreaming seems to suggest a lack of unified explanation. Dreaming also poses conceptual questions like how to…

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