Imitating Immersion

8 Dec

“Moving abroad is neither necessary nor sufficient for immersion”


Anyone that has spent any time learning a language undoubtedly has heard the advice that the best way to learn a new language is total immersion by moving to a country where their L2 is spoken. Maybe you’ve tried that and it didn’t work, or maybe you wish you could try that but life circumstances are preventing you from picking up and moving your whole life abroad. Well, if so, you may just be the perfect audience for this post.

Moving abroad is neither necessary nor sufficient for immersion
In college I did what nearly all foreign language students do: I studied abroad. I was so incredibly excited for this experience because first of all, I am obsessed with traveling, and second of all because I felt like this was finally my chance to become fluent (or at least close to it) in Spanish. My journey of trying to speak…

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