The University of Wisconsin: now with less truth seeking, more “workforce needs”

5 Feb

“You couldn’t make this stuff up.”

Why Evolution Is True

by Greg Mayer

The University of Wisconsin—including the great “public ivy” research campus in Madison, the second doctoral campus in Milwaukee, and eleven comprehensive baccalaureate-masters campuses around the state—has long been inspired by the “Wisconsin Idea“, the notion that higher education exists to serve the public, improve the human condition, and seek the truth. This idea was long ago enshrined by the legislature in the stated mission of the University. But no more. In his latest budget proposal, Governor Scott Walker proposes removing “public service”, improving the “human condition”, and “the search for truth” from the mission of the University, and to make the primary purpose of the University to be meeting “the state’s workforce needs”.

Here’s the proposal from Wisconsin Senate bill 21 (p. 546):

SECTION 1111. 36.01 (2) of the statutes is amended to read:

36.01 (2) The mission of the system is to develop…

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