Lifelong Learners League

22 Feb

I just stumbled across this website and blog; The Lifelong Learners League. It describes itself as “a free on line community for people who love to learn.”

Here is a recent post on using flash cards for foreign language study:

“I highly recommend this flashcard system—it cements the vocab words into my brain!”

While we are on the subject of flashcards, I would recommend trying Anki, in addition to paper cards.


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  1. Spaced repetition with flashcards | peakmemory - February 23, 2015

    […] Yesterday, I blogged about flashcards. Using flashcards is a highly effective memory technique. Computerized spaced repetition software can make flashcards much more effective. However, it is possible to use spaced repetition with paper flashcards. […]

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