How to Create and Run Your Own Language Meetup

28 Feb

I haven’t been able to attend the Cleveland Japanese Language Meetup for a while because of my teaching schedule. But I can recommend language meetups as an excellent way to practice. You’ll also meet a lot of nice people who share your interest.

Rachel Meyer is an avid language learner, language school owner (, Chinese textbook author and blogger (

Rachel sent in her ideas for this blog post to me via the Speaking Fluently Facebook Page.  She writes about how she keeps all her language current while living in San Francisco.   There is some good, practical information in this post on how to be more proactive in using your languages as part of your life, whilst having fun.  Enjoy!

Imagine practicing the language you are learning with native speakers every week; imagine making friends with native speakers and suddenly you are using the language naturally at dinner parties and events; imagine heading steadily down the path to fluency (or maintaining your fluency) while not living in the country. If you like the sound of this scenario, I have one word for you: Meetup

Chatting in Mandarin over guacamole Chatting in Mandarin over…

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