Eye injections for night vision?

29 Mar

Chlorin E6 is a light sensitive compound. Now a group of experimenters have discovered that injecting Chlorin E6 into the eyeball gives the recipient a form of night vision. You can read the (non-peer reviewed) paper here.

“Chlorin e6 (Ce6) has been used for many years as a therapy agent in cancer treatment.
However, in recent years other uses for ce6 have been found, the most notable in this case being its application into the conjuctival sac of the eye as a means of treating night blindness and improving the dim light vision of those with visual disturbances3. This preliminary study attempts to test the ability of a mixture containing Ce6 to improve the dim light vision of healthy adults.
In 2012 a patent was filed based in some part on the work of Washington et al. The patent claims that a mixture can be made which, when applied to the eye, will absorb to the retina and act to increase vision in low light. The mixture put forth in the patent is a simple combination of Ce6 and insulin in saline. It is mentioned in the same, that dimethlysulfoxide (DMSO) can be used in place of the insulin. We propose a combination of the two could lead to the most noted effects. For testing purposes, the mixture from the patent (Ce6, Saline, Insulin) was used with the addition of DMSO for increased permeability.”


I have recommended that people not try transcranial direct current stimulation until we have better information on safety and effectiveness. The same warning applies here.

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