The Beatles in Rishikesh

12 Apr

I just finished reading Paul Saltzman‘s The Beatles in Rishikesh, a first person account of their 1967 visit to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi‘s ashram in India.



Saltzman, was working as a photo journalist, and the book is mostly a collection of his photos. The text is a brief account of how he came to Rishikesh and the time he spent their with the Beatles. The story is spread out to book length by using an enormous font size.

I was mostly interested in the story of the Beatles relationship with the Mararishi and its implication for the practice of meditation. It is clear that the Beatles had different feelings about the Mararishi at the time of their split, John being the most hostile and George much less so.

For me, the story teaches us that while meditation has great value, it is a tool that needs to have an ethical foundation in order to realize its true potential. That is why I practice metta mediation.

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