Confessions of a teenage polyglot

24 Apr

Here is an interview with Timothy Doner who taught himself 20 languages:

“During the past few years, I’ve been referred to in the media as “The World’s Youngest Hyperpolyglot” — a word that sounds like a rare illness. In a way it is: it describes someone who speaks a particularly large number of foreign languages, someone whose all-consuming passion for words and systems can lead them to spend many long hours alone with a grammar book.”

Definitely worth reading.

And don’t miss his TED talk:



One Response to “Confessions of a teenage polyglot”


  1. Three things that Madonna, Celine Dion and Teresa Teng have in common | Memorise the Phrasebook to Learn a New Language - April 28, 2015

    […] Jeremy over at Peak Memory introduced me (virtually) to Timothy Doner, a teenage New Yorker who taught himself Hebrew by listening to rap songs, memorizing the words, and then eventually finding out what they meant.  He then used this method to study approximately 20 other languages. […]

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