Is thinking about working out as good as working out?

31 May

“thinking about performing resistance exercises causes the brain to work like it’s actually performing these exercises”

Is it healthful?

You’re lying in bed. You’re meant to be at the gym, but you’re not. Yes, you’ve just substituted leg day for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and a bottle of red wine day again – which by the way is a thing.  The sweet, sweet taste of eating your weight in choc chip cookie dough ice cream is soon exceeded by the bitter taste of guilt – oh and red wine.  The night is too old to make your metamorphosis from Honey Boo Boo to Beyonce, so maybe if you just think about exercising, then somehow this mesmerising, magical transformation will take place.  Well guess what? It might just. Yes, researchers have recently been analysing whether thinking about exercising is as good as exercising itself.  So what do the results say? Could thinking about working out be a substitute for actually working out? Maybe that’s how Beyonce’s been…

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