How To Debunk Most Conspiracy Theories

6 Jul

“the illogic of most conspiracy theories “

Whistling In The Wind

If there’s one thing that the internet loves (apart from porn, arguing and cats), it’s a good conspiracy. Wander away from the main path and you’ll quickly find yourself in a world where secret agencies are assassinating Presidents, who are Muslim, which is taking over Europe thanks to the EU, which is controlled by the Freemasons, who faked 9/11 so that the Illuminati (who were born in Kenya) could move into Area 51, which is covering up the New Alien World Order (at the bequest of the CIA) in order that the United Nations can take your guns away because they’ve uncovered a secret that will destroy big business. Also the Jews are in there somewhere. They always are.

As it hardly needs to be said, these theories are a load of nonsense. By simply playing sinister music, drawing absurd conclusions based on scanty evidence or valuing the opinion of…

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One Response to “How To Debunk Most Conspiracy Theories”

  1. enrique July 6, 2015 at 12:57 pm #

    Another great debunking method is to one-up the conspiracy theorists: it’s all a conspiracy by sellers of pulp in the Brazil rainforest to get people to buy more books!

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