Sitting time increases premature mortality risk

13 Aug

A paper published in Exercise  and Sport Science Review reports:

“Even when adults meet physical activity guidelines, sitting for prolonged periods can compromise metabolic health. TV time and objective-measurement studies show deleterious associations, and breaking up sedentary time is beneficial. Sitting time, TV time, and time sitting in automobiles increase premature mortality risk.”

The paper includes this:

“Canadians who reported spending the majority of their day sitting had significantly poorer long-term mortality outcomes than did those who reported that they spent less time sitting. These relationships with mortality were consistent across all levels of a self-report measure of overall sitting time. Participants estimated the broad fractions of their waking hours that were spent sitting. Importantly, the sitting time-mortality relationships were apparent even among those who were physically active, and were stronger among those who were overweight or obese.”

It is because of these, and similar findings, that I try to break up my sitting time with 5 minute intervals of standing.


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