Replicability Ranking of 27 Psychology Journals (2015)

28 Sep

Given all the attention the Association for Psychological Science has given the issue of replication, it was surprising to see their flagship journal Psychological Science received a grade of D.


The replicability rankings below are based on post-hoc power analysis of published results. The method is explained in more detail elsewhere.  More detailed results and time trends can be found by clicking on the hyperlink of a journal.  The ranking for the average replicability score in 2010-2014 and 2015 is r = .66, indicating that there are reliable differences in replicability between journals.  Movements by more than 10 percentage points are marked with an arrow.

1Developmental PsychologyDEV0.630.76B↑
2Cognitive PsychologyCOG0.720.74B
3JEP: Human Percpetion and PerformanceCOG0.720.71B
4Judgment and Decision MakingCOG0.660.70B
5J. Experimental Psych: Learning, Memory, CognitionCOG0.690.70B-
6JPSP: Personality Process & Individual DifferencesPER0.560.70B↑
7Journal of Memory & LanguageCOG0.670.69C
8Social Psychology…

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