How to remember KIC 8462852

26 Oct

I am fascinated by the very remote possibility that observations of the star KIC 8462852 may be evidence for an extra-terrestrial civilization.

I don’t have the competence to evaluate or comment on the evidence. What I can do is help you to commit the name “KIC 8462852” to memory.

First, you need to know the Dominic System and the Peg System,  they will take you only a few minutes to learn and its worth effort.

KIC stands for Kepler Input Catalog, but it might help to remember it as Kentucky Intergalactic Chicken (perhaps what they serve at the Star Wars bar).


Now, in the Domonic System 84 translates to HD – think Humpty Dumpty


62 is SB or Sleeping Beauty


85 is HE, why not Happy Easter?


Now we have one more digit 2 so lets use the Peg System and represent it as a shoe.


So just think of Humpty Dumpty, Sleeping Beauty, celebrating a happy Easter all nestled inside a shoe. The more ridiculous and vivid you can make the image the easier it will be to remember.

Now you’ll sound really smart.

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