Does running help writing?

16 Nov

This article in The Atlantic examines why so many writers are also runners:

“Writers, like runners, often like the idea of their pursuit more so than the difficult work. The appeal of a running regimen is how the miles not only condition the body, but free up a space for the creative mind.”

The claim here is, of course, anecdotal.  Author Nick Ripatrazone gives us no statistics, we do not really know what percentage of writers are also runners. However, as readers of this blog know, I believe there is evidence for the cognitive benefits of exercise.

I abandoned running some years ago, because of the damage it was doing to my body. I am however, a committed walker on a 10,000 step a day plan. On most days I spend an hour walking on the treadmill, practicing foreign languages (currently Japanese and Hindi) and listening to podcasts.

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