The Joe Black joke

21 Jan

This is great.

Why Evolution Is True

I’m not even going to try to show some gravitas today. Instead, we’ll finish the day (it snowed, too) with the Joe Black joke, which for some reason I find hilarious. I can’t remember who first told it to me, but stop me if you’ve heard it before.

Two guys were sitting in a bar talking.  One guy was Joe Black, and the other guy was named Fred. As they were talking, people kept coming in and going out of the bar. Everyone who walked past said “Hi” to Joe Black.

Fred finally said. “Wow, Joe—you really know a lot of people”.  To this Joe replied,  “I do indeed. In fact, I know everyone in the world“. At this Fred laughed.  “No, really!” said Joe, “I really do know everyone in the whole world.”  They argued quite a while about this until Fred said, “I’ll bet $1,000 that you don’t know the Mayor.”

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