Study claims Concord grape juice improves cognitive function

18 Mar

A paper published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition makes that claim. Here is the study design:

“Twenty-five healthy mothers (aged 40–50 y) of preteen children who were employed for ≥30 h/wk consumed 12 ounces (355 mL) of either CGJ (containing 777 mg total polyphenols) or an energy-, taste-, and appearance-matched placebo daily for 12 wk according to a randomized crossover design with a 4-wk washout. Verbal and spatial memory, executive function, attention, blood pressure, and mood were assessed at baseline and at 6 and 12 wk. Immediately after the cognitive battery, a subsample of 17 women completed a driving performance assessment at the University of Leeds Driving Simulator. The 25-min driving task required participants to match the speed and direction of a lead vehicle.”

And here are the results:

“Significant improvements in immediate spatial memory and driving performance were observed after CGJ relative to placebo. There was evidence of an enduring effect of CGJ such that participants who received CGJ in arm 1 maintained better performance in the placebo arm.”

The full paper is here. One observation, if the grape juice effect carried over to the placebo condition, then the either the washout period was not long enough, or the grape juice had a permanent effect on cognition, or there is some other methodological flaw.

The research was supported by Welch Foods Inc.

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