Parrots in the dock

11 Apr

Parrots can talk and, sometimes, they are witnesses to crimes. Here is an article on this fascinating topic. And here is another one.

“in South Carolina in 2010, a woman went to jail for abusing and neglecting her elderly mother. When local police entered the house they found a parrot that repeated “Help me, help me” — then laughed. They believed the parrot was mimicking the mother’s pleas, then the daughter’s laughter. Sometimes the birds can be roped into criminal activity themselves. In September of 2010, in the Colombian city of Barranquilla, a parrot named Lorenzo was taught by his owners — members of the Cali drug cartel — to say “RUN, RUN” when he spotted the police. Lorenzo was guarding a load of guns and marijuana. (Don’t worry about Lorenzo — he wasn’t prosecuted.)”


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