Reptile aliens and reptile brains

13 Jun

I had been vaguely aware of a conspiracy theory positing reptile aliens planning to take over the earth:

“Reptilians are a very dangerous alien species that are bent on the domination of Earth. They are very intelligent, known as evil, have telekinetic powers and have a warlike mentality that has driven them to secretly incorporate themselves into our society for their cause. Some conspiracy theories suspect that many important leaders are actually Reptilians acting as humans in order to help them with their agenda (From as George W. Bush to members of the British royal family).”

What I didn’t realize is that some of these claims are based on the popular notion of the reptile brain.  Now, I am interested, for many years I have  noted with astonishment how the theory of the reptile brain, has persisted in popular accounts of brain science, decades after it has been abandoned by scientists.

Put simply, the theory that humans harbor a primitive reptilian brain is based on fundamental misunderstandings of evolution and comparative anatomy. Popular books that continue to promote this idea are miseducating the public.

I didn’t really need to know about this connection to disbelieve in the reptilian conspiracy, but it is fascinating to see this link between pseudoscience and discredited science.



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