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Native Esperanto Speakers

21 Mar

Here is a fascinating interview with native Esperanto speakers:


You can find more details here.

My Chautauqua talk on Esperanto

25 Aug

This summer I had the honor of giving a talk on Esperanto as part of the Chautauqua Institution’s archives program.

You can hear it here.

On line Esperanto comics

4 Nov

You can read Cecilia in Esperanto here.



And in English here.




Happy Halloween! Esperanto version

31 Oct

“The Giant Spider” (“La Giganta Araneo”) Esperanto Trailer. I like the guy with the fly swatter.


Response To The Criticism Of Esperanto

3 Oct

A good defense of Esperanto

Whistling In The Wind

Something I’ve been quite interested in lately is the language of Esperanto, an invented language which aims to promote global communication through a simple, neutral and logical language. However, it is hardly the most popular of hobbies and so I am a bit shy about mentioning it. It can also provoke strong negative reactions and sniggering from some people. As an Esperanto course is currently being developed in Duolingo, a lot more people are coming in contact with Esperanto or hearing about it for the first time. A lot of them are skeptical about Esperanto. So I thought I’d make a post dealing with all the criticism of Esperanto and my response to them.

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The Cseh method of Esperanto instruction

7 Jun

I have been reading Wendy Heller’s biography of Lidia Zamenhof. She was the daughter of Ludwik Zamenhof. the founder of Esperanto.

On page 88 I came across a description of the Cseh method of Esperanto teaching. Founded by Andrei Cseh, a Romanian Catholic priest, the Cseh method was designed to teach Esperanto to large groups of people without textbooks. The instruction was delivered in Esperanto and involved question and response. It is claimed that this was a highly efficient and effective method for Esperanto instruction.

I was pleased to find this video of Andrei Cesh demonstrating his method:


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Esperanto feature on The One Show

5 Feb

From Tim Morley’s blog, a nice TV story about Esperanto.

Tim Morley

The One Show did a feature about Esperanto on tonight’s edition, which included a short section with me, talking to the legendary Arthur Smith.

It was great fun filming it — I’ve always really enjoyed Arthur Smith — and the production staff were not only interested in what we were talking about, but pleasingly open to suggestions about what we should say and how we might say it. I’m really pleased with the result too.


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Esperanto as a door to learn languages

25 Nov

In this TED talk Tim Morley explains how learning the artificial language Esperanto can make it easier to learn other languages


Wikipedia has a nice entry on the educational value of Esperanto. The conclusion of one of the cited studies:

“A child can learn as much Esperanto in about 6 months as he would French in 3-4 years… if all children studied Esperanto during the first 6-12 months of a 4-5 year French course, they would gain much and lose nothing.”

I can read Esperanto with some facility but don’t have the opportunity to speak it regularly. Over the semester break I am hoping to work with an online Esperanto tutor to help my become more fluent. You can start learning Esperanto right now at

My Esperanto project

5 Sep

I have been asked to give a talk next year as part of the Heritage Lecture Series at the Chautauqua Institution about the international language Esperanto.

There is a historic connection between Esperanto and Chautauqua. In 1908 the first Esperanto convention in the United States was held at the Chautauqua Institution.

Esperanto is one of the languages that I study (the other two are Japanese and Sanskrit), while I have some facility in reading Esperanto, I am far from fluent. Now that I am going to give a talk on it, I would like to improve my skills to the point where I am able to give a decent demonstration. I will try to give occasional updates on my progress.

Why would anyone want to learn Esperanto? Benny makes a good case.

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14 Language-Learning Tips in 14 Languages!

16 Mar

Here are the languages she speaks in the video:
0:21 German
1:10 Latin
1:33 French
3:02 Swahili
3:39 Esperanto
5:05 Italian
6:07 Modern Greek
7:13 Modern Hebrew
8:15 Arabic
9:02 Spanish
9:49 Dutch
10:58 Indonesian
11:58 Mandarin Chinese
13:12 English

I am very impressed by her language skills and her library!

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