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Nate studying for the bar exam

6 Jul

bella nate

Bella meets Chris Stedman

5 Jul



Chris Stedman is the Humanist Chaplain at Harvard and author of the book Faithiest.


Meeting Harvey and Charlie on Thunder Bridge

3 Jul


Here is the story of Thunder Bridge.


After a long day

1 Jul



The Lucy and Bella reunion

27 Jun



Lifehacking: Never wash dishes again!

23 Jun

bella wash

Arriving in Chautauqua

20 Jun

This morning I loaded Bella, the wonder dog, into my car and took the two hour drive from the East side of Cleveland to the Chautauqua Institution.


I usually spend 8 weeks at Chautauqua every summer. This year is a little different because some unresolved work at the University will force me to drive back and forth several times over the summer.

Bella doesn’t like to drive. She associates it with trips to the vet or to the groomer. But she loves Chautauqua where she takes long walks, meets dogs from all over the nation, and is universally admired by all children and adults with discernment.

During the drive she is quite unhappy and anxious but as soon as we pull onto the institution grounds she perks up and clearly remembers this place she hasn’t seen in ten months. People find these feats of memory by animals amazing. Our amazement may stem from our underestimation of  animal cognitive capacity. It is becoming increasingly clear that animals are not dumb beasts but beings with incredible competencies.


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