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“50 Cultural Icons on Their Favorite Books”

23 Sep

From Flavorwire.

I was pleased to see that Louie CK admires Jack Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums. This list was compiled before Robin Williams died and he endorsed  Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy, another work that I have loved.

A review of my memory improvement book!

16 Aug

I just came across this review of my book. Many thanks to The Art of Memory.

There is also a lengthy summary in the comments.

Tobacco and Parkinson’s Disease

22 Apr

Two videos from Dr. Greger lay out the relationship between Parkinson’s and Tobacco.



Umberto Eco dead at age 84

20 Feb

I was saddened to read about the death of Umberto Eco. I quoted him at the beggining of my dissertation:

“I must think it over. Perhaps I’ll have to read other books.”
“Why? To know what one book says you must read others?”
“At times this can be so. Often books speak of other books”

– From The Name of the Rose

Better engagement for paper books

18 Sep

A study in the journal Scientific Study of Literature,

“The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of reading medium and a paratext manipulation on aspects of narrative engagement. In a 2 (medium: booklet vs. iPad) by 2 (paratext: fiction vs. nonfiction) between-subjects factorial design, the study combined state oriented measures of narrative engagement and a newly developed measure of interface interference. Results indicated that, independently of prior experience with reading on electronic media, readers in the iPad condition reported dislocation within the text and awkwardness in handling their medium. Also, iPad readers who believed they were reading nonfiction were less likely to report narrative coherence and transportation, while booklet readers who believed they were reading nonfiction were, if anything, more likely to report narrative coherence. Finally, booklet (but not iPad) readers were more likely to report a close association between transportation and empathy. Implications of these findings for cognitive and emotional engagement with textual narratives on paper and tablet are discussed.”


MENSA review

6 Jun

Special thanks to Caroline McCullagh for her very nice review of my book in The MENSA Bulletin. MENSA members can read the issue here.

My interview with Ammons Scientific

11 Apr

Read it here.


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