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Self-compassion as a treatment for major depressive disorder

11 Jul

From my interest in metta meditation, I have been reading about the construct “self-compassion.”

In the most recent  journal Behaviour Research and Therapy I found this paper:  “Self-compassion as an emotion regulation strategy in major depressive disorder.” Here are the paper’s highlights:

“Self-compassion is more effective in reducing depressed mood in major depressive disorder than a waiting condition.

Self-compassion, reappraisal and acceptance do not differ in their effectiveness in regulating depressed mood in depression.

The intensity of depressed mood at baseline moderates the comparative effectiveness of self-compassion and reappraisal.”

The entire abstract can be found here.


Is contagious yawning tied to empathy?

31 Mar

Contagious behaviors such as yawning and laughing are fascinating. This Scientific American article reviews the evidence that these behaviors might be linked to empathy.

Here is a video of a chimp watching videos of familiar chimps yawning.


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Failures of kindness

15 Aug

You can either read George Saunders’ commencement address or watch the video below. Either way, it may be the most important ten minutes you spend today.

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