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Start learning a new language today!

4 Jun

Yesterday, I blogged about the mounting evidence that second language learning, even for adults, may reduce the risk of dementia. I have also suggested that Esperanto is an ideal candidate for new language learners. Recently, Benny The Irish Polyglot has been filming his girl friend’s attempts to learn that language.

Here is his explanation of the project:


“Since I’m too busy on my book tour and maintaining my languages this year to learn a new language, she said that she would love to get into language learning herself. Thinking long-term though, I highly recommended that she start with Esperanto. It also turns out that a group of other people are learning Esperanto at the same time, with the deadline of the polyglot conference in Berlin, so we ran with that idea!”




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Welcome Esperantists!

13 Mar

The last few days has brought a number of emails from Esperantists. Readers of this blog know that I advocate language learning both in its own right and for its possible effects as a cognitive enhancer. The three languages that interest me are Esperanto, Japanese, and Sanskrit. Lately, I have mostly been concentrating on Japanese, but I study  a little bit of each language everyday. I use Memrise to maintain and increase my vocabulary in all three languages.

I have, at this point, a rudimentary Esperanto vocabulary, but given my new Esperantist friends, I’ll have to aim for greater fluency. In the meantime I’ll ask my correspondents to be patient, it may take me a few days to respond, but thank you for your interest!


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Bonan Novjaron!

1 Jan

From several years ago, Benny, the Irish Polyglot, celebrated the New Year in Esperanto:

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