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Yes, we have no tomatoes

23 Jul

On Saturday I blogged about Jeff Novick’s fast food plan, which I am trying as an exercise in both healthy eating and time management. However, I mentioned that the plan’s heavy reliance on tomatoes was a problem for me.

Well, Jeff Novick was nice enough to send me the following email:

Hi Jeremy

Thanks for your email and for congrats on trying the plan.
In regard to the recipes…
Tomatoes are one of the 5 basic ingredients which are providing a form of liquid and can be replaced out, in the exact same recipes, with either water, veggie broth, bean broth, flavored water, etc. T

The same holds true for the burger DVD, the tomatoes are one of the 5 ingredients but again, are identified as providing liquid and the same substitutions can be made.

At my FB page, several of the recipes are made without tomatoes. One of our favorites here at home is to make the Mexican Fiesta with just brown rice, beans, and veggies (cooked in water then drained). We probably enjoy that at least once a week.

The cooking DVD’s teach a process, a formula and a template and encourages you to use the template and adjust it to your own preferences. No one ingredient is ever required, especially in the basic recipes and while the burgers are somewhat less flexible, there have been many threads in the other forums about the burger recipe where people have gotten very creative, even outside the limits I have recommended.

Don’t let a dislike for tomatoes stop anyone from learning the basics taught on the 2 cooking DVDs. And remember, all the information is available here and at my FB all for free, including several non-tomato recipes at FB.

Bean broth is just the water used to cook the beans.

Hope that helps

In Health

Jeff Novick, MS, RD
I am experimenting with several tomato substitutes and will report on my results in future blog posts.
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