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Is stereotype threat real?

14 Mar

I have blogged a number of times about the crisis in psychological research. Many widely publicized research findings have been called into question because of faulty methodology. These faulty methods include small underpowered studies, p-hacking, and failure to replicate.

Now the stereotype threat, the claim that awareness of a stereotype about one’s own group will lead to a reduction in performance, has been called into question.

“Stereotype threat is one of the most famous and influential ideas in psychology. It is thought to be a key explanation for group differences in performance – whether the group is defined by gender, race or class. But now, stereotype threat itself is under threat. New studies are questioning just how robust it is, and even whether it exists at all. The same goes for many other staples of social psychology – to the point where the whole edifice is tottering badly.”


Chronotype and Academic Achievement

15 Mar

I am fascinated by chronotypes (also called circadian preference). Here is a paper just published on the relationship between chronotype and academic achievement published in the journal Learning and Individual Differences. The paper reports:


“Circadian preference has an effect on academic achievement.”


In general, earlier chronotype predicts a higher cumulative grade point average.


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