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The genetics of sleep

27 Aug

Maria Konnikova has a post at The New Yorker about the genetics of sleep:

“What the researchers found was that the reaction to sleep deprivation was largely heritable: eighty per cent of the variation among peoples’ susceptibility to the cognitive effects of sleep deprivation was explained by genetics.”

Konnikova makes a good case for the importance of sleep research:

“Sleep deprivation can cause actual physical harm, like a car crash, or cause you to hit “reply all” when you don’t mean to—a crash of a different sort. It results in severe cognitive impairments: lower productivity and difficulty concentrating, memory issues, and motivational problems. It even makes you like your hobbies less. That’s not to mention the known increased health risks, like hypertension, heart disease, obesity, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and even neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s. Sleep deprivation may be one of our greatest, and often invisible, public-health threats.”


DDT and Alzheimer’s disease

3 Feb

An interesting post at Neuroscientifically Challenged looks at a possible relationship between DDT exposure and Alzheimer’s disease.

In retrospect eating DDT might not have been such a good idea:

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Alzheimer’s disease, aspirin, and DHA

9 Jul

Alzheimer’s disease is known to involve inflammatory processes. Many hold out hope that a regular regime of aspirin (an anti-inflammatory agent) might reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. However, research results have been mixed. For example, here is one study that found a protective effect with high dose aspirin and a small, but not statistically significant, effect for low dose aspirin.

Now a paper, published in the journal Aging and Disease, speculates that aspirin and DHA together might offers protection against Alzheimer’s disease.

One final note, fish oil is not the best way add DHA to your diet. As Dr. Gregor points out:

“People consuming fish and fish oil may exceed the World Health Organization’s daily safety limit for dioxins and dioxin-like substances, such as PCBs, which reduces value of fish as a DHA source. In fact, fish oil may be so contaminated, it may even increase inflammatory markers”

There are now plant based DHA supplements available. I use  DEVA No Fish Vegan DHA 



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