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cynical distrust and dementia

9 Mar

A paper in the journal Neurology reports on a correlation between cynical distrust in old age and dementia.  From the abstract:

“Higher cynical distrust in late life was associated with higher mortality, but this association was explained by socioeconomic position, lifestyle, and health status. Association between cynical distrust and incident dementia became evident when confounders were considered. This novel finding suggests that both psychosocial and lifestyle-related risk factors may be modifiable targets for interventions. We acknowledge the need for larger replication studies.”

As always, note that this is correlational research and does not prove causation.


Toxic algae blooms and dementia

8 Feb

Living on the shores of Lake Erie, I am very much aware of the dangers of toxic algae blooms. Here is a recent article on the hypothetical link between these blooms and human diseases including dementia.

“We have discovered that chronic exposure to an environmental toxin triggers Alzheimer’s-type pathology in the brain,” he told CBS News. “Thus people can reduce their risk of disease simply by avoiding exposure to cyanobacteria in harmful algal blooms or contaminated foodstuffs.”

You can find the original paper here. One interesting note is the potential protective effect of the amino acid L-serine.

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