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My paper on astrology and phrenology published

18 Dec

My paper “Interest in astrology and phrenology over two centuries: A Google Ngram study” has been published in Psychological Reports. Here is the abstract:

“Summary.—The Google Ngram Viewer shows the frequency of words in a large corpus of books over two centuries. In this study, the names of two pseudosciences, astrology and phrenology, were compared. An interesting pattern emerged. While the level of interest in astrology remained relatively stable over the course of two centuries, interest in phrenology rose rapidly in the early 1800s but then declined. Reasons for this pattern are discussed.”




My paper on astrology published!

22 Oct

My paper, “A failed demonstration of sun sign astrology,” has been published in the most recent issue of Comprehensive Psychology. Here is the abstract:

“A 2013 paper by Adel, Hossain, and Johnson presented findings that seem to support a tenet of astrology: the relationship between birth sign and celebrity. However, their finding was simply an artifact of assigning an arbitrary starting point to the zodiac signs and, consequently, the data do not support the validity of astrology.”

The Adel, Hossain, and Johnson paper that I critique can be found here.



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