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More evidence against fish oil

14 Apr

A good review in The New York Times:

“There’s a major disconnect,” Dr. Grey said. “The sales are going up despite the progressive accumulation of trials that show no effect.”

Here is Dr. Greger on the topic:

‘Put all the studies together, and there’s no justification for the use of omega 3s as a structured intervention in everyday clinical practice or for guidelines supporting more dietary omega-3’s. So what should doctors say when their patients follow the American Heart Association advice to ask them about fish oil supplements? Given this and other negative meta-analyses, “our job as doctors should be to stop highly marketed fish oil supplementation in all of our patients.”’


Do food additives cause ADHD?

6 Apr

Most of the research has not supported a link between food additives and ADHD. However, some recent research suggests that a link might exist.

This blog post by Steven Novella does a good job of reviewing the evidence and concludes that:

“At present there does not seem to be a definitive answer to the question of whether or not any specific food coloring or combination of food dyes worsens the symptoms of ADHD or contributes to hyperactivity in children with or without ADHD. To clarify, there is no research showing that food dyes cause ADHD, the question is restricted to short term effects on behavior.”


“An effect from food dyes is possible, but its overall effect on ADHD is likely minor and only one piece to a larger puzzle. Unfortunately this leaves us without a clear recommendation for consumers.”



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Neurofeedback reduces ADHD symptoms

28 Jan

According to a study published in the January issue of The Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, neurofeedback training reduced symptoms of ADHD in a sample of Boston area elementary school students.

The neurofeedback training used EEG biofeedback to teach students to increase beta brain waves and decrease theta waves. From the abstract:

“Neurofeedback made greater improvements in ADHD symptoms compared to both the control and CT (cognitive training) conditions. Thus, NF is a promising attention training treatment intervention for children with ADHD.”

It would be interesting to know if beta wave audio brain wave entrainment reduces ADHD symptoms.

Here is an instructional video about EEG  for medical personnel.

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