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Walking meetings and treadmill desks

25 Aug

Ben Casnocha has some interesting reflections on walking meetings and thinking. He makes the observation that

“walking meetings involve trade-offs, and before you propose them, you should be sure the topic you want to discuss is well-suited to a walking format.”

He also writes about treadmill desks and says, that for him:

“There’s a parallel to walking meetings. Standing desks are great for “exertion” — it tires my legs, which helps me sleep better, and sleep’s the key to everything. I stand about half the day; while standing I do email, web browsing, and other lightweight tasks. But serious thinking and writing? I have to sit.”

Obviously this reflects his own experience an may not generalize to others. Indeed, many sing the praise of the treadmill desk:

Ben Casnocha on note taking

27 Jul

A few weeks ago, I blogged about how note taking improves your memory.

Along a similar line, Ben Casnocha has an excellent post titled “Experts take notes.” It contains a number of interesting observations and useful links. He tells a story about a Silicon Valley meeting:

“According to my friend who relayed this story, there were two older folks in the front row who stood out: John Doerr and Ron Conway. They are both legendary investors in Silicon Valley.

They stood out not just because their gray hair shimmered in the sea of youth around them, but because they were the only people in the audience taking notes.”

Read the whole piece and pick up pen and notebook!


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